Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recent Insights From the New York Times

In their review of Twilight, that vegan vampire-babe filled saga I've been counting down to for Seventeen.com:

"Based on the foundational book in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling multivolume series, “The Twilight Saga” (four doorstops and counting), this carefully faithful adaptation traces the sighs and whispers, the shy glances and furious glares of two unlikely teenage lovers who fall into each other’s pale, pale arms amid swirling hormones, raging instincts, high school dramas and oh-so-confusing feelings, like, OMG he’s SO HOT!! Does he like ME?? Will he KILL me??? I don’t CARE!!! :)"

The Sunday Times Magazine, on Miley Cyrus:

"In the video for '7 Things' she wears Nick’s diabetes dog tags while singing about how his vanity and insecurity undermined their relationship. The Brett Ratner video shows a variety of bummed teenage girls crying, screaming, punching teddy bears and freaking out. Miley is its charismatic center. When she flashes Nick’s dog tags and a picture of the two of them together, she seems so vindictive and so embarrassingly vulnerable, just like . . . a 15-year-old suffering her first serious heartbreak, basically. 'When you mean it I’ll believe it, if you text it I’ll delete it,' she sings, perfectly capturing our confusing age of technologically mediated courtship."

And this delicious bio of Obama's new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel:

He was born Nov. 29, 1959, in Chicago. He received a liberal arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College, and a masters from Northwestern. He served briefly as a civilian volunteer on an Israeli military base during the Persian Gulf war of 1991. In his youth, Mr. Emanuel badly cut a finger on a meat slicer while working at an Arby’s. The wound became infected, and he lost half of the middle finger on his right hand. The shortened digit is something of a trademark. As a young man, Mr. Emanuel trained as a ballet dancer. His brother, Ari Emanuel, a Hollywood agent, is the model for the abrasive agent Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage.”

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