Thursday, October 23, 2008

(What I Did) When I Was (at) Seventeen...

-Met the cast of Degrassi and talked to Snake about "going all the way with Stephanie Kaye." That would be a reference to the 1986 first season of Degrassi Junior High. And yes, that would be the year I was born. Liberty was surprisingly good looking and I'm totes obsessed with Manny.

-Interviewed the stars of Mary Poppins on Broadway.

-Put together this slideshow of pictures of pets dressed up for Halloween by their teenaged girl owners. I like the Yoda dog.

-Yet another Pink makeover slideshow.

-Ashley Tisdale makeover! Some truly bad outfits and a new nose!

-Meet and Greet with rando guy I thought was in a band, but really is an actor and appeared in an episode of Greek.

-Reviewed W., which I have note seen. Because don't you want to know what your president was like when he was 17?

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