Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Dialouge in Music Vids, Part I

Hilarious, old article that Radar never published. Only two vids so far but more coming I promise!

With the VMA's fast approaching, we asked ourselves: why is there no "Best Acting in a Music Video" category? True, it may seem like an oxymoron, but when musicians try to get their thespian on in their videos, the results are usually hilarious. Check out these artists who've earned themselves a spot in the Bad Acting in a Music Video Hall of Fame.

Believe it or not, before Paula Abdul became the resident slurring judge on American Idol, she was a singer herself! Her epic video for "Rush Rush" is based on Rebel Without a Cause and stars Keanu Reeves as tortured misfit Jeff and Paula as lovelorn Julie. The video begins in medias res, with Jeff woefully banging his head against a desk while being questioned by police and looking through a peephole at his parents. "I swore on my soul I'd never be like them!" he wails. We jump between the interrogations of Jeff and Julie, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And um, it's not very clear - are they sibs or what? Julie's crying. And looks way too old to be in high school. The best so-awful-it's-amazing exchange occurs midway through the video (isn't it so wonderfully corny when they pause the vid for dialogue?), when Jeff tells Julie that as far as ever being in love, "If I was, I didn't know it." Whoa, profound! Keanu's delivery is pure Much Ado About Nothing in this vid, and it's awesome.

What Goes Around Comes Around (no embedding on this
Can you believe that the person to blame for the cringe-worthy dialogue in this video is the same guy who adapted the screenplay for Blow? His unfortunate music video directorial debut stars Scarlett Johansson as an annoying dancer who thinks she's witty and Justin as a wimpified version of himself. I mean, would the real Justin Timberlake tell his friend that this chick he's known for a month is "the one"? And what sane woman would say she doesn't want the keys to Justin's castle like ScarJo does in this vid? But "What Goes Around" does get bonus enjoyably-bad points for pausing the video for dialogue, dialogue that just makes us uncomfortable at that! It may be awful, but how can you resist watching two such attractive people make out in drenched clothes in a pool, Leo-and-Claire style? The end justifies the means with this one.

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